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Here’s how M2ALL is ACING Work-from-Home

With the entire country on a complete lockdown, many companies have implemented work from home, with some even giving its employees work from home even before our Prime Minister instituted the lockdown. Times like these calls for safety of all, as it is upto us, the people, to stop this pandemic.

Work from home is the new ‘in thing’ in 2020. For many employees, this is a rather new and a challenging experience as they have been working in the office for years and have never experienced anything like this before. It can be a daunting task to have an entire office sitting at their homes, making sure work is not affected and the morale is higher than ever, given the circumstances! We, at M2ALL, have a few tricks up our sleeves that has made working from home simple and fun!

How is M2ALL working from home?

A call kicks off the morning!

How do you start your morning when you were in the office? We are sure this is how it goes – you sit on your desk, freshen up a little and say hi to your cubicle partners. But now with work from home happening for a month now, we are sure a lot of you miss your daily rituals a lot.

It can be hard to recreate the same feeling. So, all the teams get on a video call at 10 am to discuss what was done the previous day and to plan the day ahead. It is kept light-hearted so that everyone in the team is fresh and focused to tackle the day ahead.

Connected, just like in office

Coronavirus or not, one of the trickiest tasks for a manager is to make sure the team works, be it in the office or from their homes. most of us HAVE to work closely with our colleagues and managers, as it is a co-dependent function. All of us at M2ALL have been made ready to work at home with the same dedication and energy with tech that keeps us connected at all times. Each team has its own ways of formal and informal communication – they have WhatsApp groups, MS Teams, Outlook and other tools. This has made communication so easy, that even meetings happen smoothly with everyone at home. For instance, the marketing team has a call every 3 days on teams where they share the screen and review progress together.

Planning the day ahead

After a breezy call, the team is assigned their daily tasks, just like it is done when in the office. There is at least one conference call that happens among the team members to co-ordinate. Initially, it was a tad difficult, but nothing is difficult for us M2ALL Champs! A week into the lockdown, everyone finds it rather convenient to communicate. Planning the day beforehand is crucial especially now as it can get tough to keep a proper track of what everyone’s doing. Thankfully, we have a team task-list, where everyone the team lead or manager has listed tasks for each member – making it easier to plan the days ahead.- New tasks are added, old ones are ticked off – all from one place, thanks to online task sheets!

Staying away from Fake News

It is no surprise that whenever you open your Twitter, WhatsApp or even IG, you are bound to get fake news. We are 110% sure that you are surrounded by so much news, which can get really frustrating. With stupid WhatsApp forwards galore, it becomes even more difficult to know what to believe in. All the employees are a part of a daily e-mail chain called StaySafe, which gives out verified information relating to this pandemic, myths surrounding it and tips to stay safe. The newsletter is curated with only the genuine news from trusted sources like WHO and the Ministry of Health, India.

Help is only a click away

This pandemic has brought with itself a lot of tension and anxiety. It can be a challenge for some to work productively with a calm head. To tackle this problem head-on, we conduct webinars daily from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. This webinar is quite informative, with the speaker sharing tips on how to work seamlessly at home. Anyone is free to ask any doubts.Our IT team is the real backbone that is keeping this work-from-home smooth sailings. This small team has been working constantly, aiding anyone who has any issue with their laptops, network settings or anything that has to do with screens.

This lockdown might be considered an adversity by many, but with the right amount of motivation and tech that keeps everyone connected, this is a cakewalk for all of us at M2ALL. Staying connected with your colleagues can help you with being productive all day and to get that dose of morale you need.

Stay indoors, stay safe and have a wonderful time with your family, while working from home ?

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