How much do you know about Car Filters?

It is a matter of great thought that there exists an extremely limited amount of awareness and knowledge in the minds of users and/or drivers of personal vehicles about the actual car parts, at least the important ones. If we randomly ask any person on the road about, say, the suspension system of the car or the kind of lubricating fuels used or may be the car filters, most will feign complete ignorance. It is always a good thing to try and understand about the main components of the car, their behaviour and when to change/replace those. It is in the good interest of the car owner for the sake of knowledge as well as saving quite a bit of money by selecting the proper part for your car and at the intervals that are not decided by your mechanic but by factual usage or wear and tear. In this article we will discuss a very important car part – The various Car Filters.


We all know that there is an engine filter in all cars that cleans the air that goes into the engine. Most of us know about this particular component since it is reflected in the periodical servicing of the vehicle. The job of the engine filter is to prevent harmful dirt, debris and other contaminants from entering into the engine. A dirty Engine Filter can cause severe loss in engine performance as well as acceleration.



Although a relatively newer addition to motor vehicles, most passenger cars made after 2002 have a cabin air filter. These days with rising pollution levels, a cabin filter is must for all cars, especially the ones that ply in dusty areas or cities with high pollution. A cabin filter does for the cabin what an engine filter does for the engine. It filters out all or most of the dust, pollen, fumes, dirt and other pollutants from entering into the passenger cabin, mainly through the a/c and heating vents. Studies have proven that the passengers inside a vehicle are more at risk of environmental pollution agents, even more than cyclists, bikers and pedestrians and to that end the health of the car passengers depend very much on the quality and the condition of the cabin filter.



Similar to the other two filters, the job of the fuel filter is to stop the dirt; debris and other solid pollutants from entering into the fuel supply lines of the vehicle and ensure that the lines are not clogged. This is extremely important towards fuel efficiency, vehicle performance and engine health. The cleanliness of the fuel system is critical to the proper running of the vehicle and most vehicles see an improvement in fuel economy after a filter is replaced.

Fuel Filter_2


Most vehicle filters these days are made of paper that can only be used once. Other than that, there are three other types of filters, which are foam filters, oil bath filters and cotton filters. All these filter materials have their own characteristics such as cotton filters have great filtration and can be reused, foam filters have the highest filtration capacity and are used for vehicles that are used in high dust areas. In the interest of practicality and economy however, disposable paper filters are most widely used these days.

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