How Often is Engine Oil Change Needed?

It is important to keep changing engine oil at regular intervals so that it stays effective in its functionality. Although there are many conflicting views on what should be the interval of an Oil change, there is a broad consensus around some pointers towards the change requirement, based on the factors that are at play for the particular vehicle. Let us discuss a few pointers that can tell us when to change engine oil in our vehicle.

  1. Read the Owner’s Manual: Most Owner’s manuals provide for a recommended change interval that can be anywhere between 7500 kms to 10000 kms. Since manufacturers who have built the vehicle are expected to know the exact workings of the engine, this figure can be considered to be a good indication of when to go for an engine oil change. Having said that however, this figure is mostly dependent on a lot of variable factors such as the driving conditions, the road conditions, speed and the age of the engine etc.

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  1. Check the Oil level physically: Checking engine oil levels with a dipstick is one of the most clear and simple indicators of level of oil in the vehicle. Once oil level dips below the minimum mark, it is a good time to have it changed.



  1. Check that color: The color of the engine oil is also an indicator of whether it requires change. Although it is a matter of experience, once the oil loses transparency and becomes thick black, it is a clear sign that Engine oil has been rendered ineffective and must be changed.



  1. Check the consistency: The consistency of Engine oil is another indicator that should be considered while deciding for a change. If the engine oil feels coarse and gritty between fingers, it must be changed.



  1. Check the Dashboard: Many Vehicle Manufacturers have warning signs integrated in the dashboards that indicates among other things, level of the engine oil and also when to change it. Although sometimes these readings can be incorrect, once the dash board indicates that oil should be changed, a check must be carried out to find whether the engine oil is still use worthy.



  1. Engine Noise: An experienced driver can instantly recognize an unusual sound in the engine. If the engine sounds noisier than otherwise usual, it is important to have the engine oil checked since if left unattended it can cause serious damage to the engine.



Although again, the engine oil change of a vehicle depends on a lot of variable factors, above pointers can be a good starting point to understand whether or not the engine oil in your vehicle is working to its full capacity and if it is now time to go for the changing your Engine Oil.


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