How to make city driving a breeze?

A metropolitan spends most of his hours driving or stuck in almost immobile traffic. Indian cities are known for heavy road congestions as city dwellers prefer using personal vehicles over public transport. This daily commute on the city roads can be extremely stressful and frustrating for any individual. But your SUV can marginally help you relieve the stress and make driving a cakewalk for you! We picked out Mahindra Genuine Accessories that would come to your rescue during traffic jams and make city driving slightly pleasurable!

Audio System

Music is certainly therapeutic and has the power to lighten up your mood if you had a rough day at work. A driver needs to keep the right attitude and avoid getting annoyed or stressed. Music might just be what you need to calm your nerves and get rid of the irritation brought about by driving for hours or being stuck in traffic. An effective audio system with speakers can change the atmosphere in your SUV and eliminate all the stress within minutes! Hence to make your daily drives relaxing, you can install smart Audio and Video System in your Mahindra SUV and keep going for hours!

Rain Visor

Monsoon breeze can be the only source of bliss while driving on the city road. All you ever want to do is roll down the window and soak in the monsoon breeze! But you cannot afford to be all drenched while heading to work or risk your electronic items placed in the car. The Rain Visor allows you to enjoy the essence of rain without getting drenched. Once you install the Rain Visor in your Mahindra SUV, you can lower your windows, just enough to soak in the scent of rain. This also prevents window fogging and helps you minimize the usage of an air conditioner!

Reverse Parking System

We all know that parallel parking is a hard skill to master. Every city dweller faces this challenge every day while parking at malls, commercial premises, and almost everywhere! Smart Reverse Parking System can help you manoeuvre smoothly and give you an accurate view of what lies behind your car while reversing. The parking process becomes easy, less time-consuming, and safe with a high-quality Reverse Parking System. For your Mahindra SUV, you can install a system that works on your voice command! With this, you do not have to panic anymore as soon as you enter flooded city parking lots.

Mobile Phone Holder and Charger

These accessories are underrated but highly convenient. Of course, the big infotainment system screens allow you to access almost everything, but nothing can be as convenient as having a phone mounted to the windshield, aligned to your vision and hand, not putting your neck at work! City roads can baffle you, but can you always turn on the navigation system on your phone and keep an eye on it while driving, attend calls, text someone, you name it! On the other hand, running out of battery on the go can be one of the biggest fears in today’s day. Having a good charger in your SUV is a no-brainer as metropolitans like us cannot live without our phones! With Universal Mobile Charger, even if you forget to carry your charger, your Mahindra SUV has got your back!

Universal Smart Tracker

Once you have parked your SUV, do you worry about mishaps, thefts, towing, or losing track? Modern cities call for utmost precautions when it comes to your prized possessions like cars! How can your safeguard your Mahindra SUV and never lose touch even if it is parked miles away? The answer is – Universal Smart Tracker. With this tracker, you can track your SUV in real-time using your phone or computer and it alerts you right away in case of any misconduct. It certainly improves chances of Higher chances of recovery in cases of thefts. It can also be used while driving as it informs you in case of route deviation and overspeeding. Now you can put your mind to rest with real-time updates about your Mahindra SUV no matter where you go!

Accessories for comfort 

Functioning in fast-paced cities can be exhausting, overwhelming and driver fatigue is part and parcel of it. Traffic congestions, driving home after a long workday, etc. can cause high discomfort and weariness while driving. But you can add some accessories to your Mahindra SUV to create a very comfortable atmosphere inside! Here are our top picks to make your Mahindra SUV as comfortable as your home: 

Air Freshener

A simple yet effective Air Freshener can reduce stress and help you fight lethargy. The fragrance works just like coffee – freshens up your mood and makes your mind alert! 

Floor Mats

Messed-up car space is the last thing any exhausted city dweller wants to see by the end of the day! But with perfectly fitted Floor Mats, you can stop worrying about any spillage, or dirty shoes and enjoy all the legroom.

Back seat Organizer 

As we speak about the mess, there’s an efficient and pocket-friendly way to declutter your car! You can save a lot of space in your Mahindra SUV and achieve the greatest comfort with the Back seat Organizer that holds all your belongings in multiple storage pockets.

Sun Shades 

And let’s not forget the Sun Shades! Keeping your Mahindra SUV cool is also necessary to avoid driver fatigue. With Sun Shades blocking all the heat and excessive light, you can stride on the road pleasantly!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your every city drive easy breezy with the above-listed accessories. Visit to buy only Genuine Accessories for your Mahindra SUV.

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