Tyres are the most important car part since those are the only ones that are in continuous contact with the ground below. It is extremely important to take good care of your car tyres, not only towards the passenger safety but also towards comfort and longevity of the vehicle itself. Faulty or non maintained car tyres can have a huge bearing on the overall performance and can also be quite dangerous in some cases. Let us discuss some of the measures that can and should be taken to get the most out of your tyres and to have them last longer

Tyre Pressure:

Most car manufacturers have recommended car pressure settings for the front and the rear tyres. It is important that those be stuck to and that car pressure be checked at least once every month. Under inflated tyres can cause the tyres to wear out faster and also increase the fuel consumption whereas an overinflated tyre can tell on the overall handling and the safety.

Check your pressure


The second most important aspect of tyre maintenance is the proper wheel and axle alignment. Proper alignment will ensure that the tyres wear out evenly, hence increasing their life. Wheel alignment should ideally be done at each service.



It is a fact that the front wheels of a front wheel drive cars will wear out faster than the rear and the same for rear wheel drive vehicles. It is therefore imperative that the wheels be rotated periodically so that the tyres wear out equally hence improving the life of the tyres.



Over a period of time dirt can build up on the tyre surface and cause it to deteriorate faster. It is therefore important to pay due attention of keeping the tyres clean as far as possible. Washing the tyres with a simple soap solution can remove the harmful compounds that stick to the car surface and can cause faster wear.


Taking Care of the Valves:

It is also important to take care of the valves and valve caps, especially when the tyres become a bit old. Rubber valves can wear out in time and can cause leak and loss of pressure in the tyre itself that can cause the wheels to wear out faster.


Physical Inspection:

whereas all the above pointers can be built into the service schedule of the vehicle, there is no substitute to periodical visual inspection of the tyres. If an irregular wear is notices or a change in the tread pattern, steps must be taken to have that fixed since over a course of time, it can impact the wear and tear on the rest of the tyres as well due to the poor handling of the vehicle.


As is evident from the above pointers, it is absolutely crucial to take care of your car tyres. In many countries there are also strict statutory regulations on the seasonal change of tyres, acceptable tread condition etc. Additionally tyres are a high cost car part and taking due care can increase their longevity and save the owners quite a bit of money as well.

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