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How to Take Test Drive of A Car

1) Select The Cars For A Test Drive

Prior to going on test drives, you should zero in on the various model and the variant of the car/cars you want to test. The basis of selection is usually your budget, type of car and the specifications of the car. Include those features you think are a ‘must have’ in your ride while short listing the models. The thumb rule is to have a maximum of three cars to test drive because if there are many options available, you might end up being confused. You may also take to various online automotive portals and websites to research about your favourite cars. You can see the reviews as well and choose wisely.

2) Only Test Drive The Variant You Intend To Purchase

Cars today come with a lot of different variants of the exact same model.  They differ in the engine options, features, and transmission options and so on.  You should ask the dealer beforehand about the model and the variant you wish to test as so that you get the exact experience of your future ride. Not doing so can hamper your test drive experience as the dealers usually keep one or two cars for a test drive and that may or may not include your desired variant.

If still confused, verify the following specs:

Engine: Which engine is on offer for the test drive vehicle. eg. is it 1.2 liter petrol or 1.0 liter petrol or 1.3 liter diesel.

Transmission: Does the car have automatic gearbox or manual

Features: Does the car have a sunroof or not, or does it have Bluetooth connectivity, tilt steering etc.

Interiors: What are the interiors made of? Is it the leather interior variant or the plastic interior variant.

If your selected dealer does not have your selected variant, you could go to another one.

3) Decide on the time and place

You should fix a time for the test drive which usually takes about an hour including the time you take to talk to the executives at the dealership. We suggest you fix it on a day that you are relatively free and can also take someone along with you. Schedule it at a time so that you may not have to hurry it out and do it to your satisfaction.

4) Things to carry along

There are certain things that you should carry along with yourself when going out on a test drive. First and foremost you must take along your family and friends with you to the drive. They will not only help you adjudge the cars comfort while sitting at the back but also pinpoint various nitty-gritty’s which you might overlook as you are busy driving or talking to the executive.

You should also take along some luggage to get a measurement of the boot size and space.

Along with that, you might want to carry USB drive/CD loaded with your favourite music, so as to check the music quality of the car’s audio system.

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