Importance of Car Parking Sensors

With the increasing number of vehicles and shrinking parking gaps, parking can really be a menace. Looking for a parking slot and parking in tight spaces can be challenging. You have to save your car from dents and scratches and avoid bumping into walls and other obstacles. Of course, parking doesn’t come easy! But don’t worry, we have got your back! In this big-big world with congested parking spaces, car parking sensor is a god sent gift! Parking sensors are devices that can be installed in your car and it ensures safe parking and reversing. This device emits ultrasonic/ electromagnetic waves, detects nearby obstacles, gives alert signals and hence helps in avoiding a collision.

There are various types of car parking sensors available in the market. Some of the types are:

  1. Electromagnetic Parking Sensors: Easy to install, this kind of sensors require no holes to be drilled on the bumper. The electromagnetic field that appears around the bumper detects nearby obstacles and alerts the driver. A thumbs up for this one!
  1. Ultrasonic Parking Sensors: The ultrasonic parking sensors detect obstacles even when your car is in a still position. Easy on the pocket, these sensors demand cleaning on a regular basis so that it can function well.
  1. Car Parking Sensors with a 6 sensor system: These sensors come with easy usage. The 6 sensor system demand you to install 4 sensors at the back and 2 sensors in the front of your car. The sensor installation makes sure that you have a clear view of your surrounding. Once you hit the brake, the front sensors will be activated. Definitely, a must buy!
  1. Car Parking Sensors with a 4 sensor system: This system comes equipped with a 4 sensor system that has to be installed on the rear bumper of your car. The nearby obstacle can be detected easily with central digit display and the effective sensors.
  1. Car Parking Sensor with Rear Camera: Reversing becomes a child’s play with this kind of sensor. The driver can have a neat view of his surrounding which makes it convenient to park and reverse the car.

With a plethora of various car parking sensors available in the market, you have a wide option to choose from depending on your budget and preference. Not only does the parking sensor make parking and reversing a lot simpler but it also guarantees safety. The parking sensor prevents your car from crashing into an obstacle which in turn saves a lot of money which could otherwise be used to repair the dents and the already done damage. With so many benefits, car parking sensors is surely a very smart investment.

Long live the sensors!

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