Is it Safe to buy Spare parts Online?

The advent and growing popularity of the internet has meant that almost everything is available online. Whereas this has spelt a boon to the genuine buyer and the genuine seller, the truth is that a lot of unscrupulous elements have also entered the process chain. These are giving a bad name to online shopping by overpromising and under delivering. This is true in almost all the groups of merchandise available in the online space, be it apparel, electronics or even spare vehicle parts. To put things in perspective, according to the data available, the automotive aftermarket in the USA is worth a whopping 318 billion USD as of 2103 and contributes 2.3% of the GDP employing 4.2 Million people. In India also the spare parts market is a whopping 38 Billion USD. This huge market for the spare parts has meant that there are a lot of spurious elements, manufacturers, dealers and mechanics that are fleecing the common people by supplying auto parts that are not genuine and of poor quality. Extending the argument, it becomes a pertinent consideration whether it is safe to buy Auto Parts online. Many people argue it a completely virtual environment with no physical interface or contact between the buyer and seller and is therefore prone to fraud.

If we see the records and study the data, it is clear that the automotive spare parts online business is on a spectacular growth path across the globe. This is mainly owing to the multiple benefits it offers to the genuine buyer in terms of the number of options available as well as the easy access to multiple suppliers. In a broad sense, it can be concluded that it is indeed quite safe to buy vehicle spare parts online. Having said that however, one can never be too sure about the genuineness of the product and some careful steps must be taken to ensure that the spare part bought online is a value purchase. Some of the pointers that one should consider while making an online purchase of an automobile spare part are:

  • Get to Know Your Vehicle: There is greatest safety in knowledge. One of the best ways to ensure that your online or even offline purchase for that matter is safe, one should first try and understand the component itself. It makes immense sense to do a little bit of a background research about your vehicle in general and the specific spare part in particular before placing an order for it. It is easy to make a mistake in the selection of a part or product if one does not have complete knowledge of the product and its functionality.


  • Avoid Buying Used Products:

Buying a spare part online is a little bit of a hit and miss. Buying a used one is a complete gamble. It should be understood that there are inherent problems in being able to judge the quality and condition of used spare parts. In the interest of safety therefore, purchase of used spare parts should be avoided unless you are very sure of the source of the part and/or know the supplier personally. It is prudent to consider purchasing only new spare parts online, more often than not, the investment will be worth it.


  • Check the Supplier Reviews: It is important to judge the reputation of online spare parts suppliers based on the reviews that they have received and may be even to contact some of the reviewers to ascertain genuineness of the reviews. It is also important to ask for proof of genuineness such as a company warranty etc. to be doubly sure.


As with all online purchases, proper care must be taken to ensure that the suppliers are genuine and most importantly that the auto spares parts are original and safe to use. The above pointers can ensure that the purchase that you are making online is a safe one and that you will get what you pay for.

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