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It is a well-known fact that Rice is the most important staple in the world! We have rice as our meal AT LEAST once in a week, if not daily. Rice is seen in every form of the Indian Cuisine. It would be correct to say that we Indians are basically incomplete without rice. You can make many delicacies like Biryani, Fried Rice and even Khichidi with rice!

It not only happens to be our most-used food but also the tastiest one. The first solid food morsel a baby eats in India is mostly rice. It is such a filling product and can keep you going for a very long time.

But, in the recent past, Rice has been in the news for various reasons. It is the food that weight-watchers avoid. It is also potentially known to be bad for those suffering from diabetes.

But, it is the highly processed, unnaturally cultivated rice that does the harm to the body. It is time that you give your staple food a minute change and make it healthier for you. The best way to enjoy your rice is by trying its Organic version.

Benefits of Organic Rice:

Rice is naturally rich in key nutrients like Protein, Fiber and Vitamins. But, Organic Rice is better than the conventional rice in many ways. Organic rice is known to improve heart health and strengthen the bones. As an added bonus, organic rice also helps to lose weight! Some of the types of Organic Rice are as follows:

Organic Brown Rice

Organic brown rice is the considered as the healthiest choice and a great substitute to your regular white rice. Compared to the regular rice brown rice has much more fiber levels because of which it is healthier and helps to control belly fat and also helps a lot with weight loss.

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Organic Black rice

Organic Black Rice looks a little dark purplish in color. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and Proteins. It is known to be rich in fiber, which helps to improve digestion. Black rice is also a natural detoxifier, helping in weight loss and preventing the risk of diabetes!

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It is time you make the healthier switch from regular, carby rice and go for Organic Rice!

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