Mahindra KUV100 Review


The latest to join the Mahindra bandwagon is the all new Mahindra KUV 100. The KUV nomenclature stands for Kool Utility Vehicle (surely a cool with a K) and this cool vehicle is certainly stealing hearts. KUV 100 is Mahindra’s mini SUV and is a blend of a crossover and a mid-sized hatchback. There are various variants on offer K2, K2+, K4, K4+, K6, K6+, K8 and they are available in both engines.

Exterior Look

This Mahindra does not have the boxy outlook feature that is common in all Mahindra’s. The KUV 100 is compact sized with a husky styling. With a high ground clearance, this KUV 100 is certainly an ideal choice for Indian roads.

This stylish Mahindra has an excellent face styling with a thin and high-set front grille. The pulled back headlamps, faux skid plate and soft glow DRLs together contribute in giving this vehicle a rather stylish appeal. The tiny distinctive taillights at the rear of the car also offer an enthralling view. The KUV 100 also features a sloping roofline and pillar mounted rear door handles which further enhances the appearance of the car.


The interior of the Mahindra KUV 100 is tastefully done. The cabin is spacious and there is plenteous storage space. This vehicle can house up to 5-6 passengers (depends on the variant) and offers removable armrest with cup holders which are very comfortable.

The inside is also blessed with many features like 3.5-inch infotainment system display at the centre console, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX connection. The app called Blue Sense which presents live information like fuel efficiency, tank range and music control adds to the convenience. The are also dual airbags, anti-locking braking system and a three knob system for safety reasons.

Engine and Performance

The KUV 100 is powered by an in-house developed engine called mFalcon which is a 1.2 litre diesel and petrol and 3-cylinder engine. The petrol engine churns a power of 82bhp while the diesel engine produces about 77bhp of power.

The engine gives a smooth and great performance with a progressive feel of the brakes.

Price Range and Mileage

The all new Mahindra KUV 100 has achieved a price range between 4.56 lakhs to 7.02 lakhs. The company also claims that the diesel version offers a mileage of 25.32 kmpl while the petrol version produces a mileage of 18.15 kmpl.


This Mahindra segment has a SUV appeal with a bold and imposing look and is a rather affordable vehicle to consider.

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