Mahindra XUV500 vs TATA HEXA – Who Wins The Battle of Beast?

The last time we saw the Tata HEXA was at 2016 Auto Expo. That handsome SUV is now in the market challenging the undisputed hunk – The XUV500 from the stable of Mahindra. But does it have what it takes to unsettle the pouncing cheetah? Let’s find out.

Design and Interiors

Bold and in the face are the terms that define the design of both the mid range Indian SUVs but that is where the similarity ends. There is whole lot of difference in the design language of both the cars.

While the Mahindra XUV500 has lots of curves and creases the HEXA does it with straight & bold lines. Mahindra has a proper SUV stance while that of TATA is MPV like. That said it is the TATA that sits higher up the ground.

The story on the interior is a whole lot different. While the HEXA has a rich and premium looking interiors with neat detailing and leather dash, the XUV500 offers the old school charm of an SUV with neat lines and a big touch screen infotainment system.

tata-hexa-interior-view (1)


Dimensions Length Width Height Wheelbase
Tata Hexa 4,788 mm 1,903 mm 1,791 mm 2850 mm
Mahindra XUV500 4,585 mm 1,890 mm 1,785 mm 2,700 mm

Despite the fact that design is a matter of personal choice, the XUV500 here is our pick of the two simply because it looks much more an SUV than the HEXA.

Engine: Coming to the power train, the TATA offering comes in two diesel options a 2.2-litre, 4-cylinder VARICOR 400 and a 2.2-litre VARICOR 320. The XE variant comes with the 2.2 litre VARICOR 320 motor pumping out 148bhp at 4,000rpm and 320Nm between at 2,700rpm. The XM and XT variant are equipped with the 2.2 litre VARICOR 400 unit producing churning out 154.2bhp at 4,000rpm and 400Nm of torque at 2,700rpm. Available with three transmission options-the 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic. It comes in 4X4 along with the standard 4×2 drive train.

The Mahindra XUV500 offers 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine which is the same unit that does the duty on Scorpio. In terms of power, the engine does 140bhp at 3,750rpm and 330Nm of torque at 2,800rpm. Other than the 2.2 litre unit, the SUV is also available with the 1997cc, mHawk engine which is Delhi and NCR specific. There are two transmissions on offer – a 6-speed automatic and 6-speed automatic. The XUV500 is also available in both FWD and AWD.

The mill on the HEXA looks stronger on the paper but it is the XUV500 that feels the punchier and peppier to drive and is the quicker off the two.


Features and Safety: When it comes to features the HEXA seems ahead of the XUV500 with the top spec having captain seats with arm rests and ambient lighting. On infotainment front, it offers a tiny 5 inch touch screen with park assist and navigation. On safety front the HEXA gets dual airbags and ABS with EBD as standard.

But the XUV500 excels where the HEXA doesn’t. It offers a bigger 7 inch touch screen infotainment system and driver’s seat height adjustment. It also offer a sunroof on the top end model which is absent in the HEXA. Overall, XUV manages to wow us where the HEXA does not.


Ride and Handling: The steering on the XUV500 is lighter as compared to the one on HEXA making it easier to drive in the city however on highways it is the HEXA’s steering that inspires more confidence on high speeds.

On ride quality front the HEXA sits on the firmer side offering good insulation form the road. High speed stability of both the cars is equally good.

Overall it is the XUV500 that is easier to drive and manages to steer clear of the traffic much better than the HEXA.

Price: The Mahindra XUV500 ranges from 12.47 lakhs – 17.57 lakhs while that of the TATA HEXA varies from 11.99lakhs to 17.40 lakh.

Verdict: Both cars are neck and neck in this battle with one outshining other in one department or the other. But on pure value, it is the XUV500 that wins this battle as it is the more easier to drive, has better engine and has more spacious interiors. The XUV500 is an established player and has again proven its worth.

xuv500 – powered by Mahindra

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