Make Your Car A Perfect City Commuter With These 10 Accessories

A perfect city commuter car is something everyone wants. A number of aftermarket products are available online and offline. These gadgets and accessories will make your daily commute less stressful and more convenient. Some of the important accessories which a daily commuter should have been provided in this article. The best part is that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for these accessories.

1. GPS Heads-Up Display:

An amazing tech that helps you to concentrate on the road and at the same time lets you know all the vital information. The Heads Up Display receives information from GPS and digitally projects your driving speed, battery voltage, etc. on the windshield through LEDs. These LEDs automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the time of the day. So, now you don’t have to take your eyes off the road and look into the navigation system for assistance. More focus less accident.

2. Door Handle Protector:

Not everybody is going to take care of your car like you do. There will be some ignorant chump or some random biker who will leave a scratch while you’re in the traffic. The door handle protector will keep the handle safe to an extent, and some of the new chrome stylings will add to the aesthetics of the car.

3. Reverse Parking Camera:

Reverse parking camera is not common in most of the stock models of cars coming out. Parking a vehicle in a city or somewhere that’s very tight requires an extra pair of eyes. The rear parking camera will help you during those situations and probably be your only helper during those rush hours.

4. Door Edge Guard:

Door edge guards are a great way to protect your car doors from scratches and avoid uncertain damages in bumper to bumper traffic. It is easy to apply and will fit your car with the help of its superior adhesive. Maybe sometimes during those unfortunate moments in traffic, this guard will be your car’s protector also your wallet’s.

5. Coat Hanger:

This is recommended to all the corporate folks out there.  Coat hanger is an excellent alternative for the seat headrest/door handle. It can be installed quite easily, and some of these can be shifted from car to another.

6. Blind Spot Mirrors:

Another effective and important accessory is the blind spot mirror. As one is drives an automobile,  the areas of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either the rear-view or side mirrors are called Blind Spots. The blind spot mirrors can help the driver in avoiding accidents while changing lanes or taking a turn as the driver will be able to see the vehicle in the blind spot area.

7. Sound Deadener:

This is an amazing accessory which every silence loving person must have in his/her car. Reducing excess road noise in your car makes your drive less fatiguing. Especially if you’re always going through a massive traffic zone.

8. Car Finder:

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find your car in the parking lot? I am pretty sure most of you might have. The best solution to this problem could be a car finder. The car finder uses the Bluetooth on your phone to locate the car. Your car can be found on the map on your phone.

9. Car Air Freshener:

You know you might feel that you don’t need this because you won’t be able to differentiate the smell. But when somebody who is not used to your car gets in, they’ll recognize the awful odor. To prevent such a situation, it is better to use a car air freshener. Also, be diligent in preventing bad smells from contaminating the interior of your vehicle by removing bad-smelling items.

10. Trunk Organizers:

This one essential accessory will clear 90% of the mess in the car. all your important files and other stuff can be arranged and placed in an organized manner in this box.

Accessories mentioned above will reduce the stress that you come across daily at least outside your office. These gadgets not only are helpful but also improves the standards of your beloved vehicle. Some accessories like a car cover will protect your car from dust and other pollutants and will save you from cleaning it every time you head to the office.

Unwanted gadgets will use up your car’s battery and to an extent will affect its performance. Whether it’s a matter of safety or entertainment, there are a few things that just about any car could use. Try some of these accessories and feel the difference. Drive safely and enjoy the ride.

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