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Make your Car Holi-ready with these Holi Essentials

When we talk about the fond memories of the days gone by, festivals will always hold a special place in our hearts. Remember when you stepped outside in your worn-out clothes just to be greeted by your friends who are waiting with water balloons and pakka rang?

It is hard to find a street that is not drowned in the hues of green, yellow, red and pink. It is a custom everywhere in India to go out and celebrate (or rather fight) with your neighboring society with your gang and throw balloons like crazy maniacs! But when you’re having all that fun with your gang roaming the streets, there comes a time where your mind will think “Ab ye kon saaf karega?” And if you especially have a car, then the worries multiply. Many might suggest that you keep your car in a closed garage, away from all the action. But, what if you can make your car a part of all your Holi celebrations without having to worry a bit? What if you can actually have a hatke Holi party that you will remember for years? This Holi, be befikar with these must-have Holi Essentials that will help you and your dear car have a safe and an awesome Holi!

1. Party chalti rahe, zor-shor se!

Car Music System - M2ALL

Ask any die-hard Holi lover what the most important thing is to dial up a Holi party from boring to awesome and they will tell you that it is a solid, kickass Holi playlist! Any dull party can go wild when you have speakers playing classic Holi staples like “Rang Barse”, “Balam Pichkari” and “Let’s play Holi!”. But, if you want to celebrate the colorful festival in a different way, then having these numbers playing from your car speakers might be a fun thing to try. We Indians are a fan of heavy bass, and using speakers which are bass-heavy will really get the people joining you on the dance floor! Using powerful car speakers will add a fun spin to the traditional way. Maybe a reason to try out celebrating Holi with your loved ones (we are talking about your car!)

2. Protect your car beforehand

Car Body Cover - M2ALL

We are sure you must have heard this – “Gaadi andar rakh dena, Holi me bheeg jaayegi.” But what if you live in a building that does not have a closed parking space? Fear not, for there is a little something that will make sure your beloved car is not the next victim of Holi Craze – Car Body Cover. A car body cover is your car’s First Line of Defense when it comes to protecting it from those brutal splashes and the unfriendly colors.

3. Don’t forget the interiors

Car Accessories - M2ALL

You might think that Holi only gets the car exteriors dirty. Well, that’s wrong. A lot of times, the water can get trapped inside, ruining the delicate and expensive car interiors like seats, dashboards and the floor. And if you are among the unlucky few who somehow managed to get the interiors all messy, then you are in some trouble, friend. It is a well-known fact that you can’t celebrate Holi without a friendly splash of water, and water is not exactly your car’s friend. To tackle this problem head-on, then it is a must that you have to use premium-grade seat covers, floor mats and steering wheel covers.

In our opinion, floors should receive all the care they can as they are highly susceptible to rust, especially when you are entering the car wet.

4. Clean up the After-Holi mess with ease

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - M2ALL

Let’s face it, no one likes to clean any mess after a crazy part-ay! You must be super-tired after a glorious fiesta and you must be having a ‘genius’ friend with you who thought it was a ‘good idea’ to step inside your car afterwards, and you choose not to do anything at that moment. but, come next morning, and you regret taking your pals in your car. But, fret not, for you can clean your car with utter ease with a portable car vacuum cleaner. This might look like a small tool, but it is so powerful, that it can pick up wet as well as dry mess, making your car look almost as good as it was before Holi.

5. Have a car that smells like heaven!

Car Air Freshener - M2ALL

Holi is never a pretty sight, especially if you happen to live in a locality that believes in celebrating in a way that you can’t be recognized the next day. And when you play dirty, you. You will surely not like the smell to creep into your car the next day, when you have to get up to go to office. For tackling this stinky problem, there is a sweet-as-hell option – Car air freshener. Car air fresheners are available in a plethora of aromas – you can go for the classic lemon to zesty orange to an exuberant oceanic smell. Having this dandy little thing in your car post-Holi will get rid of that musty smell in a jiffy!

With these essentials at your arsenal, you can be sure to have a Holi that you and your car will love! You can get these car accessories online on the Official Mahindra Group e-Store, www.m2all.com. Wishing all a Rangon se Bhari, dil wali Holi!

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