Must Have Cleaning Products For Your Bikes and Cars

From the nook and corner of your house to your wardrobes and shelves, every cubbyhole needs some extra care and cleaning. But, hey what about your friends with wheels aka your four and two wheeler? They need the pampering too so they can efficiently work and look forever good. With a plethora of grime fighting weapons available in the market, one can often get confused regarding which to buy. But hold on, we have listed below few products that can help you in babying your wheeler.

Bike Cleaning Products

  1. Sponge, Mitt, Microfiber Cloth.

Super Sponge

The Sponges, Mitt and Microfiber Cloth help wipe away filth, heavy dirt and bugs from your bike. Made with premium quality material, they can be used wet or dry and does not harm the paint finish of the bike.

  1. Tire Shiner.

Black Gold 680ml

This long lasting tire shiner needs to be sprayed on the tire and does not need any wiping. The tire shiner is water resistant and stays long to protect the tire and gives it a natural shine.

  1. Headlight Restorer.

Formula1 Headlight Restorer

Help cleaning the headlight, this headlight restorer is a saviour! The restorer maintains the natural appearance of the headlight and can be used to clean brake lights and motorcycle windscreens.

  1. Bike Cleaner.

Bike Clean 473ml

The bike cleaner help removes all stains, bugs and dirt instantly from the motorcycle. Easy to use, you need to spray this on your bike and wipe it away giving your bike a clean finish. This cleaner is also safe for paint, chrome, lexan and fairings.

  1. Heavy Duty Paste and Paste Wax.


The heavy duty paste helps remove moderate scratches, bird droppings and other tough stains without harming the paint.

Car Cleaning Products

  1. Trim Care.


Made to treat exterior hardware of the car, the trim care helps to revive sunburnt plastic, rubber and vinyl. Flakes and Cracks can be stopped with the use of this product.

  1. Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound.


This rubbing compound help remove light oxidation, car scratches, sand scratches and other defects from car paints.

  1. Glass Cleaner.

Glass Cleaner 710 ML

This glass cleaner promises to keep the car glass free from all dirt. Easy to use, this cleaner is eco friendly as well.

  1. Moisture Infusion Gel.


This infusion gel helps to guard the leather interior against the harmful rays of the sun. The gel helps to safeguard the natural oil of the leather and avoids premature aging.

There are many other bike and car cleaning products that help to pamper your four and two wheeler and keep them ever happy. Happy Shopping!

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