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“If we’re looking to feed the world for the next 50 years, conventional can do it. But if we’re looking at feeding the world for the next 1500 years, we must switch over to organic.”
– Mark Smallwood

All of us do have cravings, isn’t it? We indulge in the ‘occasional’ junk food every once in a while, while making a promise to ourselves that we will eat healthier and better food the next day. But do we really follow it? One of the main reasons   for an unhealthy lifestyle is the quality of food you put in your body. But we choose to ignore it due to many reasons.

Deep down, we all want to get rid of this unhealthy way of living. What if you can remain fit and healthy by investing just a LITTLE time and money? The solution lies in a now-popular way of Organic Food!

Why organic, you ask? For that, a little knowledge about why should you take the organic route is a must. Organic food is now considered a way of living, as it encourages a better way to live, grow and prosper.

Organic farming works in harmony with nature. It is a system which dissuades the use of chemicals, pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), fertilizers, steroids, antibiotics and all other substances that can RUIN you as well as the nature. This technique encourages the use of organic farm waste, animal manure, crop residue and crop rotation.

Benefits of Organic Food - M2ALL

It doesn’t rely on the old, traditional farming methods. Organic Farming uses a fresh, scientific approach towards a better lifestyle. This method employs the use of eco-friendly methods like bio-fertilizers and Green Manure, which protects the soil from weeds and increase the ‘good’ matter to feed microorganisms.

Organic Farming in India – A Blooming Concept!

In India, Organic Farming is a strict process. A farm has to go through a rigorous process, where the farm is kept barren and pesticide-free for over 3 years (sometimes even 5 years) to get the licence. This process is done so that the soil returns to a better, healthier condition. The harmful chemicals are the reasons we are eating unhealthy fruits, vegetables, legumes and whatnot.

India is home to 30% of the total organic producers in the world with 57.8 million hectares of land under cultivation according to World of Organic Agricultural 2018 report.

Organic farming is an ancient practice in India. But, this culture has only  witnessed a humongous boost over the last decade. The wave of a wholesome and healthier lifestyle is sweeping the country. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Organic farming the flag-bearer of sustainable farming. Needless to say, the country is heading towards an ‘ORGANIC FUTURE’.


M2ALL offers a wide range of 100% Certified Organic food like Masalas, Dals, Flours, Sweeteners, among other products.

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