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Perfect gifts you can gift your Bro this Bhai Dooj!

When we say the words ‘Dumb’, ‘Knuckleheads’, ‘Useless’ and some other loving words, which person comes to your mind? Loads of people, right? Let’s make it more specific: When you come back home and want to relax, but can’t, because SOMEONE (not mentioning who) will annoy you so much, you want to actually have a fight with that person? Still not ringing any bells? For those who didn’t get it, we are talking about the annoying brats, brothers!

On most occasions, they are Satan’s little devils who are born to annoy just us. But on the other times, when they are not breathing on our necks, they are being really sweet and are our best friends, our jugaad when we are out for a late-night shenanigan. At other times, they are also our advisors, confidants, saviors and much more! And when you have a bro who plays so many roles, you definitely need to thank them with something special.

This Bahidooj, we have listed down some types of gifts you can give to your frenemies!

1. The Tech Keeda:

Tech guy

We know this kind very well. They are obsessed with anything that has screens. They love to play around with gadgets. They find their mojo in their phones, laptops, smartwatches and anything that has he word smart prefixed to it. Any problem which involves the use of tech can be solved by these geniuses. So, gift them a gift bundle for their partners, their beloved gadgets. Get them a fast mobile charger, a car mobile charger, a mobile holder and a tablet holder. And if they have their own car, why not gift them something that will be super-useful for them? You can give these tech geeks a powerful car music system, a Headrest-mounted DVD which is loaded with hi-tech features, or a parking sensor, because you care for these dum-dums!

2. The Super-Stylish Launda:

Stylish guy

Ever seen a guy who looks dapper in anything they wear? They have the natural charisma to look handsome and stylish even if they wear a pair of shorts! They have a better taste in fashion than you (you will agree to this), they will in fact give you tips on how to dress up for your date or birthday or an outing with your friends. And if you brother is a big fan of cars as well, like Mahindra Thar which is also a style icon, by the way) gift them customized Thar merchandise, like t-shirts and caps. Or if he likes premium quality shirts, give them a simple yet classy white shirt. This Bahidooj, you can even surprise them with some really chic watches as well.  

3. Chilled-out Dude:

Chilled out guy

You are truly blessed if you have this type of brother. They are super-chilled and will not rat you out even if you screw up a little. In fact, they will help you cover up on your behalf so that you don’t get grounded by your parents. So, if you have such a chilled-out bro, we think it is only fair that you get them something that matches their CHILL personality. And if they have a car, what’s better than gifting them their very own Portable Fridge? This small, handy yet a super-useful car fridge will add that oomph

4. Looks like 30, is 30, but acts like a baby:

Kid at heart

Who doesn’t love a kid at heart?! We might be quite sorted and mature all the time, but there are times when we want to just go back to the good old days. And if you are lucky to have a brother with whom you played games as a kid, and those memories are the fondest for you, you would want to gift your bro something that will make them nostalgic (and even you too). You are damn lucky if your brother is a wee little kid, who messes with you like he did back as kids. Sure, it might be annoying, but trust us, those are the best moments you will have! We know a fact that boys love their toys a lot, like their cars and bikes. And a Scale model of their favorite Mahindra SUV is surely gonna get their inner kid out!

5. The workaholic:

Workaholic guy

This type of brother has ONLY one goal: to work as hard as he can, all day, all night long. They don’t work around the clock, the clock has to work around them. They do not have a lot of time for their loved ones because they are caught up on so much work (sigh). They do not even have the time to take care of themselves, let alone their loved ones. Their lives are already tough, so it is a sister’s responsibility to make it a tad bit easier for their hard-working bros. So, gift these souls something to remind them you love them – like a steel bottle, or a personalized diary. You can also give them a personalized pen stand to keep their beloved pens and other things in an organized manner. Plus, it comes with a clock, so they know that they need to make time for you!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give your lovely brother an amazing gift and see them give you their biggest smile!

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