Petrol, Diesel price hike? Try these fuel efficiency hacks to increase car mileage!

The crude oil industry is one of the most impacted industries during the pandemic on a global scale. As the petrol and diesel costs tend to get dearer with time, such skyrocketing prices can burn a big hole in your pocket. One of the best ways to deal with the rising fuel costs is to ensure that your vehicle covers maximum distance with every tankful. But only the car cannot be blamed for poor mileage. Being the vehicle owner, you too can take charge and do wonders in terms of fuel economy! Wondering how? Following measures can help you improve the mileage of your Mahindra SUV and guide you to drive more prudently.

1. Avoid excessive idling

Idling your car consumes more fuel than restarting your engine. Leaving your ignition on when you are parked or stuck in the traffic for a long time can consume a lot of fuel. It is desirable to switch off your engine during longer halts for balanced fuel consumption.

2. Efficient gear shifting

Speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking can lower your SUV’s mileage. Gently shifting from lower to higher gear reduces the pressure on your engine. Efficient gear shifting should be a regular practice as fuel consumption will increase when you stay long at lower gears and driving slow at the highest gear. Finding a perfect balance can help your engine run on an economical track.

3. Keep it light

Excessive luggage stuffed in your boot space strains your engine and consumes a lot of energy. A lighter vehicle will consume less fuel than a heavier one powered by the same engine. Hence, ditch the unnecessary baggage, spare tyre, all the junk lying around, and watch your engine roar with stable fuel usage.

4. Maintain tyre pressure

It May sound irrelevant, but tyre situation does affect your fuel consumption. It is important to maintain an ideal distance between your tyre and the road as the friction puts your engine at work. Inflating tyres as per the manufacturer’s recommendation can save a lot of fuel. M2all – Official Mahindra e-Store provides you with top-notch wheels for your Mahindra SUV along with tyre inflators, digital tyre gauge to name a few. Get your wheels balanced and aligned before going on a long drive and ensure lesser runs to petrol pumps!

5. Systematic climate control

The most debatable question – whether to roll the windows down when it is warm inside the car or turn the AC on? Well, it all boils down to your driving speed! Yes, you read it right, air conditioning utilizes fuel but rolled-down windows cause ‘drag’ due to airflow. The ideal solution is to keep the windows down when your speed is low and turn the AC on when you are catching up with the speed. This results in balanced usage of fuel.

6. Regular servicing & maintenance

Your car’s health is directly proportional to its mileage. A poorly maintained car affects the fuel economy and performance of the engine as the intricate components of your car need proper lubrication at regular intervals.

Air filters and oil filters along with engine oil require regular intervention. Unfiltered oil flowing through the engine can damage the engine and clogged air filters generate less power and force you to accelerate more. Therefore, do not consider car servicing as an additional cost but consider it as a solution to cut down all your potential costs.

Following these frugal steps will boost your Mahindra SUV’S mileage, save fuel, and work in your pocket’s favour as well! Explore M2all – Official Mahindra e-Store for comprehensive fuel-efficiency solutions now!

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