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Everyone’s bucket list has a “dreamy long drive” on roads, surrounded by mountains and breezy wind in your hair. Wow! It sounds so appealing and thrilling, isn’t it! But guess what? There is more fun to it when you’ve got your loved ones along. What if your family has a member who is super pampered and loved, but on this dreamy trip of yours it sounds difficult to get them along? Yes, we are talking about the Spoiled and Awwdorable pets.

Many tend to have a fuzzy, cute pet at their place, and if you’re a travel enthusiast it becomes a lot more difficult to manage both. Even the thought of keeping your pet alone or spending a day without them scares you, and the idea of canceling your dream trip again is kinda devastating.

Being a Pet-Parent isn’t easy at all, and along with this if you’re a neat freak for your surroundings, tension double. But worry not dear explorer, this blog will help you and your little companion travel light and without tension on your dreamy tip together. So were are here to make sure that you have a ready list of accessories, so read further to find answers for your comfy trip.

Magnetic Sun-Shades:

Sunshades for car - M2ALL

In a country like India, where the climate is humid and sunny, your biggest issue will be the piping hot car and you don’t want to feel like a chow in the oven. So, a very convenient option is a Sun-Shade. Pets generally have the habit of being in an open and welcoming environment. So, to keep your pet protected from the scorching heat strokes, sun shades are your safest bet. Along with this, it also helps to absorb excessive heat, thus keeping your car cool. And now, we have Magnetic sunshades which aren’t clumsy, and stick properly to the windows. Made with thick and quality material, these are suitable for all occasions.

Key Features:

  • Beat the heat with fine polyester magnetic cling on sun shades.
  •  Magnate on the edges keep the shades securely in place.
  • Can scroll down the windows along with the shades on, so as to keep out the UV rays.
  • Protect your passengers and upholstery from excess light and heat.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty.

Portable Fridge and Warmer:

Portable Fridge- M2ALL

Pet-parenting is equally as difficult as for a toddler’s parent. Keeping in mind from what they eat to when they sleep, everything is crucial, and while on a trip managing their food can be a task, as a question like, Will the food spoil? Where to store it? Will it be fresh? And with other endless thoughts. But thankfully our question was answered with an invention that solved this problem, i.e. a Portable Fridge and Warmer. This is a Thermo-Electric Cooler and Warmer which is compact, and isn’t just an investment for your vehicle but can be taken to offices, trips, hotels, home, etc. It generally come with 15-18 liters of storage capacity. Now you and pet companion are happy to have Yum and fresh favorite food, and while enjoying that food, your tension and questions vanish away instantly.

Key Features:           

  • Cooling performance: 28-30
  • Capacity: 18 liters
  • Digital display indicating temperature inside fridge.
  • External Dial on the unit to control the temperature between the ranges +60 degree C to Sub-zero degrees.
  • Store fruits, drinks, medicines, chilled beverages & ice cubes.
  • Portable and convenient. Designed like an armrest
  • No compressor, Environment Friendly, low power consumption.

Car Vacuum Cleaner:

Pets and Mess both go hand in hand, just like how they rhyme. But it’s very common to have a messy surroundings if you’ve got pets around, but when in the car the mess and clutter can be very disturbing. The food particles, pet-hair on seats, and other litter can stress you for your after trip cleaning, so to cut down the stress, a portable car vacuum cleaner is the best solution. This will help you keep your car clean at any point of time as due to its portable size it can be carried along anywhere without occupying much of space. It’s compact and aerodynamic design gives it a different and stylish look. This little accessory can be of big help even when you’ve got messy passengers or children around as well. A perfect accessory for a neat-freak car lover.

Key Features:

  • High Quality ABS Material. Wet & Dry Usage.
  • Transparent Dirt-Collecting Container. No bags required! 
  • High Power Output (60 watt)

Floor Mats:

It’s very important for the car lover to keep their cars up to date, so be it seat covers or floor mats everything has to be perfect, and when you have your dear little pet companion along, it’s very important to have a perfect fit floor mat for your vehicle so as to protect the car for any clutter. It’s important to find a durable mat for long lasting use, which has quality material and which is washable while its use.

Key features:

  • Premium PVC Molded washable floor mats
  • Custom-made for your SUV – a perfect fit
  • Anti-slip with spikes on the bottom for superior grip
  • Durable for long-lasting design

When you’ve got everything planned, it’s understandable that the vehicle tends to get untidy and messy, but when you’ve got the above list of accessories along, there is assurance of reducing the mess down to more than half! And these materials are nothing but investment for many more long trips with your pampered little companion.

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