Popular SUVs in India within 10-15 Lakhs

With its hatchback, ample cargo room and elevated ride height, SUVs are steadily taking over the market in India. This sport utility vehicle with its many benefits happens to be popular among car lovers. Exhibiting a sporty look with a sturdy body finish and heavy duty aspects, these luxury cars are every car lovers’ dream! Well, almost! You can’t deny that! Although, a SUV is heavier on the price scale, its never-ending merits make it a must have! There is a long list of SUVs that are soon to be running on the Indian roads, but we have sourced you a list of some SUVs with an estimated price of 10-15 lakhs that you should definitely eye on. There you go!


Mahindra KUV100 comes blessed with a compact size and husky styling. Priced between Rs. 4.5 – 7 lakhs, it boasts a comfortable and spacious interiors, enough to house upto 6 passengers comfortably. This diesel variant estimates a mileage of 25.32 kilometres per litre while the petrol engine car produces a mileage of 18.15 kmpl. With a choice of 7 different hues to select, this car surely is a one to watch out for!


The Hyundai Carlino is certainly one of the most voguish SUVs in the market today. Loaded with cool features, this beast is tagged within a price range of Rs. 7-12 lakhs approximately. Offering an estimated mileage of 18 kilometres per litre in a petrol engine and 22 kilometres per litre in a diesel engine, this car will hit the Indian market around end of 2017. Look out for this one!


Already displayed at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, the Tivoli from Mahindra-SsangYong offers an unmatched interior and a stylish exterior. Expected to launch by the end of 2016 or the start of 2017, the car comes with a 1.6 litre petrol or diesel engine. The car has a price tag of Rs. 9 lakhs- Rs. 13 lakhs approximately and this wagon is surely a steal!


The upcoming Renault Kaptur is a compact car with an impressive look and a 5-seater interior. Packed with countless features, the car claims to offer an estimated mileage of 15/20 kilometre per litre. Likely to reach the Indian market around end of 2017, this car is marked Rs. 12-15 lakhs on the price scale.


Showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo, the Tata Nexon boasts of an outstanding design and a compact look with an interior that spells comfort. The estimated mileage is said to be 18/25 kilometre per litre. This upcoming SUV is most probable to reach Indian market by early 2017 with a price range of INR 7-10 lakhs approximately.

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