Selecting Right Car Mobile Charger


How Car Mobile Charger Works?

If you connect a battery with higher capacity (Voltage) to Lower Capacity, as per law current flows from higher energy level to lower energy level battery. Slow battery chargers may take several hours to complete a charge; high-rate chargers may restore most capacity within minutes or less than an hour. In Car Mobile Charging, imagine a car battery having voltage power source (~12 V) if connected to a mobile or cell phone battery (~ 3 – 5 V), current flows from Car Battery to Mobile Phone Battery & it gets charged. The cell phone charger has internal circuitry that “steps down” the car battery voltage from 12 V to the appropriate voltage required by the specific cell phone battery.

How to connect your Cell Phone to charge in a car?

1. Locate your phone’s charging port. Generally, charging ports are located either on the side or the bottom of the phone. There may be a protective plastic piece on a hinge; remove it gently with the phone end of the charging cord.
2. Locate your car’s electric outlet. In general, these are located on the center console. It will have Cigarette Lighter plugged into it or just plastic cover. Remove the cigarette lighter, if there is one.
3. Insert the large, rounded end into the electrical outlet. Your phone should start charging, though some cars must be on or in accessory mode for the outlet to work.

Mobile / Cell Phone Charger Rating

Normal Car mobile charger has rating of 5V 1A, while new chargers are coming with 2A or 3A rating and charges very fast. It’s worth spending a few bucks to have an always-ready, high-speed charger, especially since it can let you charge two or more devices from a single accessory outlet.
Similarly, if you have a USB charger that you bought a couple years ago, it probably puts out only 1 amp. Upgrading will provide you with faster charge times and the capability to charge tablets and other high-current devices. The same goes if your charger has only a single USB port. We’re living in an multi-device age, so it makes sense to have multiple USB-charging ports. For buying Car Battery charger, simply log-in to and get the best quality car charger.

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