Bike Clasp Mobile Holder

Stuffcool Clasp Bike/Cycle Mount Holder for Smart Phones

The Clasp Bike/Cycle Mount Holder is an absolute essential for Biking/Cycling enthusiasts. The Bike Mount Holder was crafted specially for long rides be it a daily commute to work, or even an epic road trip on routes less traveled – with the Clasp Bike Mount, Maps is always accessible and helps you never get lost. The Clasp Bike Mount can also be essential to cycling enthusiasts to track their progress on various Health apps and at the same time keeping your eyes on the road.

Unfortunately, due to its clasping mechanism, the bag is designed only to fit an iPhone 6/6S or any device smaller than the iPhone 6/6S.

Thanks to the extremely advanced capacitive touch screen on the iPhone 6/6S, the transparent side of the bag also allows you limited access to your phone – answering important calls, programming your Ride Route or even checking status on your Health app – all this could be interacted with, without removing your phone from the bag. Incase you are using a compatible Android phone with the Bike Mount (Compatible = less than 4.7″ in size), the screen sensitivity can be increased through the Device Settings.

Bike Clasp Mobile Holder

Clasp Bike/Cycle Mount Instructions:

The Clasp Bike/Cycle Mount is fairly easy to operate. There are 2 major parts to the mount :

  • The anti-Vibration, water Resistant mounting Bag
  • The actual bike mount which fits on to most bike and cycle handles

The Bag is lined with a sponge on the side to protect your phone from excessive bumps and breakers along your journey. Securing the zip tightly ensures that no dust or water enters the bag, and thereby your phone.

Customer Reviews:

✪✪✪✪  4/5 stars: My Royal Enfield motorbike and it has worked perfectly fine so far…

By Job Joseph Vadakel on 1 December 2015

-Verified Purchase-

I primarily bought this product to use it on my Royal Enfield motorbike and it has worked perfectly fine so far. It handles the vibrations of the bike really well, and is very simple and easy to mount on the handle bar.

✪✪✪✪ 4/5 Stars: Good Bike Holder

By Somendra R. on 7 October 2015

 -Verified Purchase-

Good holder, value for money. I installed it on my motorcycle and this turned out to be pretty handy to use maps while riding. Minimal vibrations (those who ride an enfield will understand how bad it gets).

✪✪✪✪✪ 5/5 StarsGreat Mobile Mount in Affordable price

By Anirban Chatterjee -TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 21 June 2016

-Verified Purchase-

A fantastic product. It is compatible with my Lumia 720 and MI4I but it fits tight.

1. There is a nice cushion at the base of this case which hold the phone in its position.
2. Build quality is top notch in its price point and I am using it on the handlebar of my Honda CB Hornet 160r and it feels robust to hold the phone in position unlike the other sub 500 buck holders.
3. It is water resistant and will not be any issue in light rainy condition.
1. Best suitable for less than 5 inch display phones.
None till now. – Powered by Mahindra

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