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Style up your Mahindra XUV500 with JUST 20K!

Looking to spice up your XUV500, BUT on a budget? The Plush-New Mahindra XUV500 brings a lot to the table. It has always been a feature-rich and tech-advanced SUV in the Indian market. Here is the list of amazing XUV500 Genuine Accessories that will make your car look so much better!

1: Roof carrier with caps (Cost – ₹11,371)

XUV500 Roof Carrier Kit - M2ALL

Road trips are the best way to relax after a hectic time at work! When the wilderness calls, a roof carrier helps you to handle the luggage with ease. The Roof Carrier Kit gives you extra storage space to carry large items like kayaks, canoes and sporting equipment! It makes enough space in the SUV for sitting comfortably and not like sardines. It is super useful in keeping your car’s paint from getting scratched as well. Priced at around 11K, it frees up additional leg room and space so that you ride in comfort!

2: Rain visors with Chrome Strips (Cost – ₹1,119) 

XUV500 Chrome Rain Visors - M2ALL

Don’t you just hate it when you want to open the windows for some fresh air, but it is pouring outside?  You most definitely wouldn’t want rain to fall in your SUV and ruin your delicate car interiors. A Door Rain Visor (set of 4 for 4 windows) is the most Paisa Vasool accessory that your XUV500 needs! You might be wondering if it is really effective as it claims to be. They deflect rain and hail and also help in reducing noise turbulence when your windows are rolled down. On top of all these benefits, they are easy to install as well. The chrome strips are the standout feature of the visors, which grab the attention very well.

3: XUV500 Sporty Pedal Set (Cost – ₹460)

XUV500 Sporty Pedal Set - M2ALL

One of the most ignored parts in a car is the floor, especially ear the driver’s. Most people don’t notice the pedals in a car, but even if they do, they won’t forget the sporty look the pedal cover set would give to your XUV500. The Sporty Pedal Set is cheap, easy to install and one of the most stylish accessories one can possibly have! The looks of the pedal set adds a shine to the dull pedals of the car. It is true that it is the small details that matter, and this pedal set is the perfect example for that.

4: Scuff Plates (Cost – ₹912)

XUV500 Scuff Plates - M2ALL

Give your new age Mahindra XUV 500 an elegant look with Mahindra Genuine Metallic Scuff Plates. Priced around 900, they enhance your experience of getting into the car. Made of high quality stainless steel, it also protects your SUV’s surface from scratches and scuffs! SO, it is a 2-in-1 deal, wherein your car looks great while being protected from sudden banging of the door.

5: XUV500 Designer Mat Set (Cost – ₹3,512)

XUV500 Floor Mats - M2ALL

Imagine this – You have come back from a beach day, and your XUV’s interior got all dirty. You could keep at least the floor of your car clean with the dust-repelling floor mats! The Mahindra Genuine XUV500 Designer Mats are specially crafted to fit your car perfectly. It traps the dust and keep dirt-causing items like mud, dust and grime from ruining your car. They are also anti-skid, which helps in superior grip over the ABC of the car – Accelerator, Brake and Clutch. The Premium-Grade mats, priced around 3500 bucks, have an elegant design, lending a fine look to your SUV!

Who said that you have to spend a fortune to make your car look Awesome? You can jazz up your XUV’s look by pampering it with Mahindra Genuine Accessories, specially made for your beloved XUV500! You can buy a wide range of XUV500 car accessories on the Official Mahindra e-Store, www.M2ALL.com.

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