Styling Your Car Interiors This Diwali

The Festival of Lights is here and we have the biggest reason to paint our homes, hang colorful torans and lanterns on the entrance, spread the most kaleidoscopic bedsheets and buy all sorts of big and small things that can enrich the decor of our house. Decoration is an inherent part of people’s lives since time immemorial and Diwali is just another excuse for people to indulge in this intriguing activity that satiates their Creative instincts. Nowadays we lead busy, hectic and demanding professional lives which cause us to spend a huge chunk of our day in our fancy and expensive cars therefore having a well maintained and well furnished car becomes extremely essential. Our Cars are like second homes to us thanks to never ending traffic jams, social indulgences and a long bucket list of travel adventures so they too deserve to get styled and celebrated. So while we pledge to beautify ourselves from head to toe, and our homes from ground to roof as preparation for the festive season how can our Cars stay aloof from this decoration drive.

Where there is fragrance, there is happiness.

 A good Car Air freshener not only adds an enticing fragrance in the car, but can also lift up your spirits and soothe the senses. A great smelling car can make you the Talk of the town. In today’s times a car journey together can become a place for important discussions the right fragrance can set the mood for the right conversations. Car fresheners can be found as sprays, plug-ins, aromatic oils and liquids as well as spill-proof gel form in a variety of flavors, the list goes endless. They usually last long, around 60 to 75 days.


A Comfortable ride is a Good ride.

 Car Cushions is a must have accessory which escalates the levels of style and comfort in your Car. You can go on a smooth, relaxing long drive with friends or family without straining your back, arms or neck by using the right cushions like memory foam armrests, lumber support, neckrests or seating cushions. Have them All, get one to quirk up the ambience just like you got for the living room.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

 Tissue Paper Boxes – an absolute necessity because it’s better to be safe than sorry. We order food in drive-ins, we travel with kids, someone can be an unstoppable sneezer and a tissue paper box comes in handy in all these situations besides adding a touch of sophistication to your car. Thanks to the varied designs available. Car floor mats is another important accessory which protects car floor from dirt, grime, soils, spilled liquids etc. thus make car cleaning super easy afterwards. Resistant to water, stains and puncture these mats can give your car a touch of exaggerated luxury.

This festive season Style your Car like you Style yourself and flaunt the most envious Car Interiors. Too late to go shopping – Log on to Mahindra’s and get Car Interior Styling Accessories from anywhere and everywhere.

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