Stylish Chrome Accessories for XUV300

The Mahindra XUV300 is one of the most popular SUVs in the country today. However, it can be given a more exciting look with the right accessories and additions. The XUV300 comes packed with tons of exciting features and goodies for owners. However, as mentioned, some other nifty accessories can be immensely useful while adding a special dimension to the SUV in terms of its road presence. And while we’re talking of road presence, what can be better than a generous dose of chrome? Chrome accessories always help immensely in terms of adding a whole new look and feel to the XUV300 SUV.

Here are the best chrome accessories that you should consider for the XUV300 by all means. They are readily available at M2All Mahindra Genuine accessors, a one-stop option for all your Mahindra vehicle spares and accessories alike.

XUV300 Chrome New Tail Lamp Extension Garnish for All Variants

This is one of the most useful and important chrome accessories for the XUV300. This adds a special touch to the rear of this majestic SUV and makes it stand out on the road fabulously to say the least! You will also fall in love with the overall impact it has from various angles.

Till Lamp Extension for XUV300

XUV300 Chrome New Front Upper Grill Garnish for All Variants

The XUV300 comes with a special front upper grille garnish that makes it a stunner on the road for sure. It looks really enticing  with this touch and also there is that added safety layer for the front fascia too.

Check out XUV300 Chrome New Front Upper Grill

XUV300 Chrome Door Edge Protector (4 Pcs)

The XUV300 stands out for its wonderful set of door edge protectors in chrome. These keep the door edges safe from hard knocks and bumpers, while also looking appealing at the same time.

Find XUV300 Chrome Door Edge Protector.

XUV300 Chrome Door Cladding Garnish Set

This chrome door cladding garnish set is a delightful addition to any Mahindra XUV300 model for sure! This looks appealing, while also protecting the car body from bumps.

Check XUV300 Chrome Door Cladding Garnish Set.

XUV300 Waistline Chrome Set (6 Pcs)

The waistline chrome set is another marvel, adding immensely to the stylish appeal of the XUV300 and making the car look fantastic while on the road.

Waistline Chrome Set XUV300.

XUV300 Rear Reflector Chrome Set (Pack of 2)

This is a marvelous addition to any XUV300 model. This looks neat and adds more bulk to the SUV at the back, which is always a good thing!

Rear Reflector Chrome Set for XUV300

These are some accessories that you should not miss! Check out at M2All Mahindra Genuine Accessories.

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