Thar Merchandise every Thar owner should have!

By now every Thar owner knows that once you buy the Mahindra Thar, you sign up for endless adventures. Owning the Thar is a pride as its iconic design, flawless on-road manners, and legendary capability to conquer any terrain make you fall in love every day. While your Thar takes you on exhilarating adventures, blows your mind with its charisma, makes you stand out wherever you go you too can achieve that rugged charm and resemble The Beast in the best way possible with exclusive Thar Merchandise! Well, you must already be feeling like an emperor of all terrains but stick to this list and get that ragged, unpromising yet tough look just like your Beast Thar!

Mahindra Thar Backpack

While you continue to explore the impossible with the Thar, you need a reliable companion to take care of your essentials for all your adventures. Mahindra Thar Backpack is waterproof, all-weather resistant, spacious, and stylish just like your Thar! Its strong and durable built makes it highly suitable for all your rugged adventures. What’s better than best you ask? All the goodness of Mahindra Thar packed in this compact bag at a reasonable price here, at M2ALL.

Thar Shirts, T-shirts & Jacket

This range of Shirts, T-shirts, and Jackets make you look tough like your Beast and gear you up for the craziest adventure! The breathable fabric used here makes them suitable for numerous escapades. Fun colours, graphics, and edgy patterns are meant to keep your rugged spirits alive! This range provides various sizes and even your kids can wear them while enjoying the ride. These surely are must-haves if you do not wish to go unnoticed just like your Mahindra Thar on the road!

Mahindra Thar Bandana

Bandana is now officially one of the must-haves for every adventure lover. Mahindra Thar Bandanas are multi-functional used as a Face cover, Headband, Wristband & Neckwarmer, gearing you up for all things exciting. Even though they are breathable & stretchable, there is no compromise in style! You can carry it as a Thar symbol or gift it to your loved ones who adore Mahindra Thar too!

Mahindra Thar Face Mask

Due to the widespread COVID virus, face masks are declared essential. They are a simple barrier to help prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching others. Wearing a mask benefits not only you but also everyone around you. How to stay stylish while carrying this indivisible part of your life? The answer is simple! Every Thar lover can ensure safety without compromising on style with Mahindra Thar Face Masks. It provides 4-layer protection, perfect fit with a mouldable nose pin, controls sweat, and keeps any virus away from you! You get 3 different designs in a set, allowing you to ensure safety with every drive.

Mahindra Thar Mugs

Classy ceramic coffee mugs with exciting Thar quotes will bring Thar’s aura right to your coffee table and certainly take your coffee breaks to next level! Thar Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe and available in pop colours for every Thar lover. Get yourself one as quick as possible, as they are one of the bestsellers.

Mahindra Thar Keychains and Keytags

Last but not the least, an accessory for the key of your Mahindra Thar! Mahindra Thar Keychains and Keytags are very compact and stylish, made of high-quality materials. Holding the keys with these keychains on certainly feels like preserving your precious asset in your palms! You can get a set of these at a very reasonable cost and pick a colour that best describes your Thar!

Do not feel legendary yet? Hurry and get your favourite Thar Merchandise today on to feel the adrenaline rush from within!

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