The Importance of Test Driving

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life. Not only because it is a decision related to ones finances, but also it is an issue of status. Above all the car an individual drives reflects his personality and is a personal statement. So, does a matter of this importance, needs to be dealt lightly? The answer is NO.  When one doesn’t buy a simple dress or a pair of shoes without trying, how can he/she even dream of buying a car without a test drive? But interestingly, many of us do so. We spend lacs of rupees out of our hard earned money on cars even without opting for a test drive and end up having the wrong set wheels in our garage.

The matter of test driving of car is the final step before making that big decision, which comes after a lot of research and sometimes a wait for the next generation model of you dream car. After researching on the safety indices of the various models and the road test results, you narrow down on certain options. Then comes the final test- The TEST DRIVE!


Here are certain factors to consider while going on that test drive :


The amount of time an average individual spends in the car is considerable and thus comfort is the first thing that comes to mind when buying a car and it should be the first thing to check when test driving a car. After all you have years to spend in that seat, don’t you?

The moment you sit in the car, you get to ascertain whether or not it has in in to make your driving experience a comfortable one; you should check if:

– It is easy to get in and out of the car

– Can you find a comfortable position to drive with all the controls well within reach

– Does the car suit your body type

– How good is the visibility; is something obstructing the view

– Is there enough space to comfortably seat your family


One should also take a look at the boot space for you daily and weekend needs. If one has a large family, he/ she may have lots of luggage to chug around , so this must be at the top of the mind in the checklist.


Another important factor to consider is the overall drivability of the car. The way the car behaves on the road, the vehicle’s road mannerism. You have to consider how the car maneuvers and how it responds to the driver’s inputs. Take the car through a route that resembles your daily routine. Drive in a way that replicates your daily driving practices. For instance you could take it on a highway, if your daily drive involves much of travel on a highway.

Following are some bonus tips:

– How refined is the drive

– The noise levels

– How responsive the car is to the steering and braking inputs

– The confidence you get while accelerating and braking

Overall Performance:

After all the research and thorough inspection of car’s features the drivability is done, it comes the time to do a final comparison. Compare the performance of all the models that you have driven. Never compare it with your old car as you will be overwhelmed by the latest models. Always compare the peers, taking into the consideration your needs and requirement with the car.


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