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7 Tips to make your car rain-ready!

With the first shower of Refreshing rains, there is a chill vibe everywhere you go. The scorching heat is replaced with the pleasant breeze. The commute becomes more hectic thanks to slippery, pothole-filled roads. There is a change everywhere during monsoon.

To meet the changes gracefully, your car needs special care and protection. Monsoons might be fun to go out and explore but they are risky at the same time. The roads get waterlogged, and cars often break down. Here are a few car care tips you must be aware of so that you can have a safe and a delightful monsoon!

Tip #1: Install Rain visors

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There is a light drizzle and you are out on a long drive to savor the pleasant weather. But, you don’t want to roll down your windows completely and turn on the AC. Door visors can protect your car’s interiors from rain, which can leave a bad smell and ruin seat covers and dashboard. Rain Visors can also be used to keep the windows open a crack so that the car windows do not fog up. You can get a set of 4 premium door visors for your car’s 4 doors starting from ₹1400.

Tip #2: Buy waterproof Seat covers & Floor mats

Seat Covers & Floor Mats - M2ALL

If you love driving with the windows down, you know that you will get you and your car interiors wet! So, you need to buy good quality floor mats and seat covers which are made from Vinyl, a waterproof material. Vinyl gives a sharp look while protecting your car from rain damage. You should always have a backup of these so that you can replace them anytime. Buy the best seat covers for cars and the best floor mats for cars for your beloved car and make it your pride!

Tip #3: Replace old Wipers

Wiper Blades - M2ALL

During a heavy downpour, it is a risky task to drive. To get clearer view of the road ahead, it is a no-brainer that you must get the best wipers for cars. However, most of us forget to replace the wipers. Poor quality wipers can do more harm than good. So, you need to replace windshield wipers regularly so that the rubber straps do not wear out much and scratch your car windows. A good set of 2 wipers can cost you around ₹400.

Tip #4: Invest in Car wax

Car Wax - M2ALL

Rains have been notoriously known to make metal surfaces rusty. A rusty car can make it prone to scratches and damages by strong winds easily. So, it is necessary to protect your car’s surface from rusting. Applying Car wax on the surfaces not only adds a protective layer, allowing the water to roll off from the surface, but it also adds a fine glossy shine, making it look stunning.

Tip #5: Carry Body covers to cover your car

Body Covers - M2ALL

At times, you tend to park your beloved car out on the road as there is no parking facility available. You know it is a potential risk as there is no way for you to protect your car from the dust, bird droppings, mud and any other car-damaging elements. It is fine on a good day, but when it rains, it is a big “No-No” to park it outside. But on other days, you can give your car a shield so that it can fight with these pesky menaces. Always park your car with the protection of a waterproof car body cover. Body covers are made from Tyvek, a tough, water-resistant material that can withstand the heavy rains and protect your car from getting all ruined.

Tip #6: Check Car Lights

Fog Lights - M2ALL

One of the main reasons why there are frequent accidents during rains is the lack of visibility. A lot of the drivers are unable to see through the fog and the heavy downpour, which makes driving in monsoon highly risky. You must get your headlights, taillights and fog lights checked, especially before you go on a road trip.  Yo can buy car lights here.

Tip #7: Check your Tyres

Car Tyres - M2ALL

It would be silly to say that tires are not the most important component of your car. Tires bear the whole weight of the car. We Indians are accustomed to the bad, slippery roads, which are the number 1 reason for road accidents during monsoons. The bad roads make it more difficult for tires to provide better road grip. Get your tires checked, and prefer buying all-season tires for your car so that you worry less about the tires and focus more on the road ahead!

Before the first rain starts, make sure you get your car serviced and you are good to go and enjoy the long, mesmerizing drive this monsoon!

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