Top 11 New Year Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Choosing the right gift for car lovers could be hard as the one you choose should come useful and they should enjoy using it. With the New Year comes new beginnings, we have made a list of trending gift ideas that could help light up the festive mood.

Season’s greetings! Motorheads spend most of their time driving, so giving them something that would enhance their driving experience is sure to make your gift more valuable. Here are our best picks:

Lounge Lighting Kit

Who says only your house should be well lit during this New Year? Stop reasoning and install this lighting kit to spread the joy through five colorful interior ambient lighting modes. Give the car a New Year sparkle.

GPS Heads-up Display

This is an essential and very helpful accessory as this little wonder helps you keep your loved one’s eyes on the road at all times by navigating and displaying vital information of the car on your windscreen, eliminating the need to look into the dash from time to time. I would love to have this gifted to me so I can drive around in style.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyres are the most important, yet the most neglected part of a car. It is the only component that connects the car to the tarmac. Maintaining proper tyre pressure will increase the life of your tyre and also improve the fuel efficiency. This monitoring system is easy to install and notifies you of the pressure of all four tyres. Maintaining the right pressure and driving safe never was this easy.

Portable Fridge/Warmer

This is the perfect gift for your car-loving friend. Next time you go for a long drive, pack some eatables and be sure there are some chilled, golden brews in your car. If you aren’t a fan of the cool stuff, this can work as a food or beverage warmer too. Forget driving a few kilometers to quench your thirst or grab a quick snack after having so much fun.

Automatic Tyre Inflator & Torch

You could gift this for yourself or your friend. This is one investment you will never regret. A flat tyre knows no time, place or situation. It would be great to gift yourself one if you hate getting stranded on your way to work or in the middle of a road trip. It would be better if you could get a puncture kit as well. This can come in handy if you fancy driving on the beach. It’s a valuable gift especially in winter because the pressure drops quickly in winter, so no more waiting for roadside assistance, just plug, pump and go.

High-pressure Portable Car Washing Kit

Who wouldn’t love a clean car? The reason most of the cars are left dirty is because of the time and effort one needs to invest for that upkeep. This gift can make the receiver’s car cleaning routine enjoyable and less stressful. This kit comes with a jet nozzle and six-speed regulator to control the pressure of water as needed.

Caronizer Air Purifier

With air quality going from bad to worse by every passing minute, this would be an ideal gift for your wife’s wagon. This helps purify the air and aid in breathing comfortably. Caronizer also helps in deodorizing the cabin and eliminate toxins released from the car’s upholstery.

117 mm LED Fog Lamps Kit

Lights are the key to driving safe between twilight and sunrise. These Fog Lamp Kits will help improve the range of visibility in winter and fog and light up the road edges and lane markings allowing you to stay safe.

Formula 1 Windshield Wash Concentrate

Enhance the vision of your loved ones with this awesome Windshield Wash Concentrate. Let your loved ones bid adieu to dirty windshields forever. Gift them this washer concentrate for them to enjoy a streak free, sparkling windshield, they sure will thank you a lot.

Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Power Pack – Phone Power Bank

Usually, in winter time the car battery will show some hiccups and this is a pocket-sized car battery jumper. This power bank will not only help your loved ones jump start their car battery but also help charge their phone in times of emergency. It is just a couple of thousands more than your regular jumper cables but eliminates the need for another car’s battery to jump start your car.

Car Seat Warmer

This would be an ideal winter gift for your friends or family. Winter months make it hard for anyone to get out and face the freezing temperatures. It would be a great gift for the elders in the family, as they are the most affected during these unforgiving months. This will help keep them warm and cosy during these months and traveling is less nerve-wracking.

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