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Top 5 Vibe Audio Accessories

Vibe is one of the leading global brands in the audio segment. It is known for offering a collection of the best accessories for true connoisseurs. You will find them all available at M2All Mahindra Genuine Accessories, a great place to shop for all essentials if you are a Mahindra vehicle owner. Here’s looking at the 5 top accessories that you should not miss. There are many others that you can take a closer look at online as well. In this context, it is apt to mention that Vibe is all about elevating your sound to another level. This is especially important if you appreciate refinement in sound quality.

Vibe Mono Amplifier (400.1M-V7) with 10G Amplifier Wiring Kit & Wiring Harness for Bolero

This is one of the top Vibe accessories that you should not definitely miss. This mono amplifier comes with its own wiring kit and also a wiring harness. This is ideal for the Mahindra Bolero SUV and should certainly add to that signature thump and bass of your audio experience in your car.

Check out Vibe Mono Amplifier

Vibe Coaxial Speaker Set 4 Inch

This coaxial speaker set from Vibe is another great accessory to have. It definitely creates a whole new audio experience for listeners in their cars to say the least.

Coaxial Speaker by Vibe

Wiring Kit for Vibe Amplifier – Bolero

It is another helpful accessory to possess, especially if you are looking to elevate and add more punch to your audio experience. For your amplifier, you will naturally require a suitable wiring kit. This is available online for maximum convenience.

Find Wiring Kit for Vibe Amplifier

Vibe Component Speaker Set 6 Inch with Wiring Kit

This Vibe Component Speaker Set comes with its own wiring kit. It will greatly uplift the overall audio experience for users in their cars. This is another handy accessory that you should certainly get hold of.

Check Vibe Component Speaker

Under Seat Active Subwoofer Vibe Pulse C8A-V0

This active subwoofer will contribute greatly towards pulsating in-car audio experiences. This comes with a special bass and thump effect that will get you smiling, when you listen to your favorite tracks. This can be neatly positioned under the seat.

Vide Under Seat Active Subwoofer

These are some of the top audio accessories from Vibe that you should take a closer look at. You will not be disappointed!

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