Top 7 Official Accessories for Mahindra XUV 300

The Mahindra XUV300 is one of the most popular SUVs in the Indian market today. This compact SUV offers good performance with capable engines and decent fuel economy as well. It is one of the best-equipped SUVs in its category and comes with several features to boot. At the same time, the XUV300 stands out for its distinctive styling. Yet, what can you add to the SUV for giving it a special dimension altogether? Here are a few accessories that you can incorporate into the mix for making the XUV300 stand out even more on the road with the help of Mahindra genuine accessories.

Seat Covers

You will find several sports seats options available for the Mahindra XUV300. These come in diverse avatars and have inserts like red and black, black and orange, and so on. These add a premium and sleek look to your XUV300 by all means. You can also go for seat covers in classic shades like light grey, grey and black, and black and yellow among others. There are quilted options available for your perusal here as well. Not only do these seat covers keep your car seats clean, they also look good!

Seat Cover for XUV 300.

Chrome Door Handle Sets

These are fantastic additions to your Mahindra XUV300. You will find them for the W8 variant line-up. These chrome door handle options look stylish while also giving your SUV a special touch. They also safeguard the door handles from knocks and bumps.

Check out Xuv300 Chrome Door Handle Set

XUV300 Chrome ORVM Ring Set

This is another appealing addition to any Mahindra XUV300. This one stands out for its sheer class and also looks the part! The ORVMs stay comparatively secure from sudden knocks and bumps while looking really elegant on the road.

Find out XUV300 ORVM Ring Set.

XUV300 Head Lamp Garnish Chrome

This little chrome touch can go a long way towards heightening the appeal of your Mahindra XUV300. This chrome treatment for the head lamps gives the XUV300 a special look and feel of its own! The SUV stands out on the road while the headlamps also get that additional layer of protection alongside.

Head Lamp for XUV300.

XUV300 Tail Lamp Chrome Garnish

This is another smart touch that you can integrate into your XUV300 SUV. This looks really appealing and will make the rear look even better on the road! This will also protect the tail lamps to a degree.

Tail Lamp Chrome Garnish for XUV300.

XUV300 Chrome Rear Bumper Accents

Add width and more muscle to your SUV with this chrome rear bumper accent. This will safeguard the underbody and bumper and looks charming. This makes the XUV300 look even more massive on the road.

Check out for XUV300 chrome Rear Bumper Accents.

XUV300 Chrome Front Middle Grill Garnish

The XUV300 looks like a million bucks when you install this front middle grill garnish. This adds that exclusivity to the look that is a hit amongst all owners.

Look at Chrome Front Middle Grill Garnish for Xuv300  

These are seven official accessories that you should add to your XUV300 for a unique and signature look. Find them all at M2All, your one-stop destination for all official Mahindra genuine accessories, spares, and a lot more. This is where you can find everything that you need to deck up your XUV300 for some fun times ahead!

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