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Top 7 Gifts for Mahindra Employees

Getting a gift is a mammoth task, especially for a fellow co-worker. It is a no brainer that there are tons of events in any office where gifting your colleagues is mandatory. Right from Office Christmas parties to birthday celebrations to a dinner party, you would want to show your affection for your co-worker with a gift that is thoughtful, useful and something worth keeping. When it comes to gifting your loved ones, it is a relatively easy task. But when you are beginning a new chapter in your professional life and want to make a great impression on your colleagues, nothing is better than a formal (or an informal) party.

Majority of your adult life will be spent with your colleagues, not with your family and friends. You spend 5 days (or 6, if you work Saturdays) a week with these people for years! When you spend so much time with the same people for so long, you are bound to make a small, fun group, with whom you share a bit of yourself. So, we won’t be wrong to say that you are going to get and receive LOADS of gifts to a whole lot of people, right from your cubicle mate to your manager to even your CEO (if you are lucky enough). You want to gift something that is enough but not too much – nothing too casual or serious. So, we have done the homework for you and have listed down 8 best gifts for a Mahindra employee.

1. Notebook-and-Pen Combo

Mahindra Notebook & Pen - M2ALL

We all know a person in the office who is always seen with a notebook and a pen. They can’t be recognized without their signature diary and a classy pen. This is especially true if you are friends with someone who notes EVERYTHING down. For those who love to write, they you MUST give them a set of a fine notebook and an even fine pen to complement the book. You can mix things up and gift a set of premium pens, which come with tons of useful features while looking elegant at the same time! Gifting this gift combo is a personalised way of telling your fellow co-worker that you appreciate their ideas.

2. A Premium Watch

Mahinda Premium Watch - M2ALL

A watch makes up for an elegant gifting option. Every office has someone who is always updated with the latest trends in fashion. If you know someone who loves watches and has an affinity for something that looks and feels premium, then gifting a Mahindra Watch is the best option. These deluxe watches would look super-fine on your office studs, who are going to be thanking you for this!

3. A White Shirt

Mahindra White Formal Shirt - M2ALL

When you spend so much time with a person in the office, you tend to develop a bond that goes beyond the professional space. You wish for your fellow colleague’s success in any endeavour he/she embarks.  You want them to rock every meeting and presentation with ease. A white shirt might look simple, but it can definitely one ace the presentation. Anyone who has ever worked knows that a white shirt is a staple! This would make a dapper gift for those who have a great physique and love to arrive in style!

4. An Elegant Gift Set

Gift set for colleagues - M2ALL

As the name clearly suggests, it is a neat combo of the usual gifting items packed in an attractive box. This makes for an ideal gift for your seniors or your bosses (and maybe impress them for a higher appraisal :P), who love having everything in premium leather. The gift sets comprise of all Office Essentials – a card holder, a pen, a notebook, a keychain and other items. This would be a particularly great gift option during an office event, or if you want to congratulate your fellow colleague for an outstanding achievement.

5. A Mahindra Scale Model

Mahindra scale model - M2ALL

Ask any Mahindra employee this – what is the matter of pride for Mahindra? Ans: Mahindra SUV! Gifting your motorhead colleague a scale model of their favourite Mahindra 4-wheeler is a gift they are going to cherish! This also makes for an awesome gift for those who are still a little, adorable kid at heart. Part of the reason this is one of the best gifts is that it reminds your office mates of a simpler time. These miniature toy cars make for an adventurous addition on your otherwise boring desk. Gift them a set of 3-5 scale models and see them being giddy all day long!

6. A Steel/Glass Bottle

Steel & Glass Bottle - M2ALL

A lot of times, your fellow co-worker forgets to keep care of their health. There are hectic days, where you don’t even have the time to eat or drink. Gifting your partner a steel or a glass bottle is a way to show that you truly care about them. Instead of choosing a plastic bottle, which is quite unsafe, you can gift these bottles which comes with the logo printed. So, even if they are working on-the-go, they can always have their choice of beverage with them, always (they are going to thank you for this).

7. A customized Tabletop

Mahindra Tabletop - M2ALL

This is among the most useful gifts you could give! This little tabletop is the perfect gift for the stationary shop of the office, who are known to have almost all the basic stationary like sticky notes, pens, clips, pins, and other small stationary. This handy tabletop comes with a phone holder, pen holder, and has sections to keep all the important things within your range. What’s more, it comes with the Mahindra Logo and you can even get your co-worker’s name (or be a little silly and get their nickname printed)! The tabletop is available in a variety of designs and is rated as an office desk-essential by many.

So this wraps up the list of gifts for any occasion, be it small, big, formal or informal. You can get all the above-mentioned gifts on the Official Mahindra Group e-Store,

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