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Why use Quality Air Fresheners, especially during Rains?

Imagine this: You are driving with your friends/family on a beautiful road, with lush greenery on either side of the road. It is raining pleasantly. The scene is picturesque and simply unreal! But, you notice that there is an off-putting smell which kills the mood and the beauty of the road. You are wondering why there is a disgusting odor in your car, even after you took extra precautions & meticulous care. Then you find the problem – it is the cheap, sub-par air freshener you bought from the streets, which does not even give you fresh smell anymore!

Not many use air fresheners in their car because they feel that air fresheners don’t help much. But, in reality, this tiny, yet a highly useful car accessory is a savior.

Let’s start with the uses: the most common use of air freshener is to make the air in your surrounding ‘fresh’. Air fresheners help in removing the foul odor from your car by releasing an aromatic blast of pleasing smell. Also, you would want to keep something on your dashboard that smells nice.

A little on the psychology of using air fresheners: It is a known fact that you drive better when you are calm, composed and happy, not moody. During heavy downpours, driving on the roads, especially in a country like India, can be downright stressful. You tend to be more relaxed while driving when you are not distracted by unnecessary things, like bad smells.

During rains, there is this weird, musty Baarish-wali odor trapped inside your car, which many find irritating. This odor can even be dangerous, if you have someone who’s allergic to strong, pungent smells. The asthmatics are extremely prone to such smells, and the smell can even aggravate their condition. The smells contain fungus which thrives well in musty, humid conditions. So, it becomes more than important that you protect your loved ones from the disgusting smells!

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There are many air fresheners available out there that guarantee to remove odor, but it comes at a cost. The harmful chemicals can cause more harm than good. There are some environment-friendly air fresheners that are good for you and as an added bonus, won’t pinch your pockets much. An awesome and a budget-friendly air freshener is My Shaldan, which is all-natural and pleasantly aromatic.

So, use a premium quality air freshener this monsoon, so that you have a safe, stress-free and a fragrant drive!

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