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Winter is Coming: Car Accessories for the Chilly Arrival

“Winter is coming. We know what’s coming with it and we can’t face it alone”, Jon Snow knew this before anyone of us. He knew that we couldn’t face the difficulties of winter all alone, and we need some companions along.

Winter might be one of the most exciting seasons of the year, but with the excitement comes the precautions so as to keep enjoying it throughout without stoppage. There is numerous thing we are careful about in winters, from skin care to hair care, from caring for our clothes to our vehicle. It’s because precaution is always better than cure.

Now that the rains are officially over and winter is almost on the way, let us list down the accessories and ideas that can be used for taking the utmost care of your Mahindra SUV.

1. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems - M2ALL

Winter is the welcome change of the sunny, sticky heat into the cool and pleasant weather. But, with these changes comes the change in the temperature, and these changes not only affects us, but it also has an equivalent effect on your Mahindra SUV and its tyres in particular.

With every 10° drop in the temperature, your tyre loses one pound of pressure. Also, the contraction and expansion of tyre is common during the seasonal changes.

These changes in the tyres can be dangerous, if not checked properly. This can lead to wear down of tyre, slipping or losing control, and accidents. Thus, it’s important to keep a check on the tyre pressure. It is recommended to invest in a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. It helps in keep a check at any point of time due to its portable nature.

2. Car Body Cover

Car Body Cover - M2ALL

Winter for us is wearing all the possible warm clothes from sweater to coats, also from moisturizing skin and applying cold creams to wearing huge boots. We try to protect and take care of our body in maximum ways possible, then why forget our Mahindra SUV?

The vehicle body is equally affected by the seasonal changes and it critical to get your car under some sort of protection. Therefore, it’s important to take care of it as well.

Every car needs that special protection from the seasonal changes, therefore a Car Body Cover, is extremely important accessory to invest. It not only helps protect your car from seasonal changes but also from extreme heat, dust, pollution, UV rays, and other materials that are harmful to the vehicle body, its paint, windows, etc. A proper size car cover which cover the vehicle entirely is important, therefore buying from a renowned vehicle manufacturer who has proper vehicle measurement is important.

3. Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger - M2ALL

Winter makes us all lazy, but that doesn’t give us the opportunity of taking a break from our daily work. While we rush out for work, the season doesn’t permit us to leave without a coat, but just when the get your perfectly ironed coat, stuffing in the car messes it completely.  So, what’s the perfect cure for this?

A person arriving in crumpled clothes isn’t the type YOU want to be known as. But we do have one amazing solution to it. It’s the Coat Hanger

! Yes, now your style won’t be embarrassed by your appearance by anyone, because you will arrive just perfectly!

This car accessory is extremely beneficial as it helps in maintaining the beauty of the cloth and along with it makes sure to keep you worry-free so as to enjoy your ride and arrive in style.

4. Arm-Rest With Cup Holder

Car Rear Armrest with Cup Holder - M2ALL

Just like we said, Summer, Spring or Winter, the routine and hectic lifestyle doesn’t permit pauses or breaks. And just like we continue to rush into our hectic life, make sure that you don’t forget to love and pamper yourself in midst of it. In this season, something that we need is maybe some rest and a cup of warm drink, be it coffee or tea.

And there are times when we are so busy and in rush that we forget to make sure of our food intake schedule as well, there an arm-rest with cup holder makes sure that if in the mid-way you stop to have a cup of warm coffee or tea, you can enjoy it with complete relaxation, and without the fear of spilling it, in your precious vehicle.

5. Fog Lamps

Fog Lamp - M2ALL

Winter is all about the chilly foggy and snowy weather, which seems like so much fun, as it for a small period of time that you can enjoy this chilly climate, but these seasons can be equally dangerous for vehicles, as the person driving cannot see clearly what’s on road, or who is on road, leading to some major accidents. Therefore, people generally don’t prefer to drive during winters.

But now-a-days there is solution to every problem, so this problem had a very tiny and smart solution that’s called the fog lamps, its requirement in the vehicle and especially for those who stay in extremely cold regions. They tiny lamps are the additional lights that help you to see on the foggy road in a proper manner. Their main purpose is to improve the peripheral field of vision during foggy conditions. Since fog tends to hover around 18 inches from the ground, that is the reason LED lights are installed in the lower area of the vehicle body.

These accessories are your first line of defense as the best precautionary measures to protect your beloved Mahindra SUV from the chilly winter, and make sure that you don’t face the issues alone or ever! You can buy all of these genuine car accessories and more for your Mahindra SUV on, the Official Mahindra Group e-Store.

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