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Your Summer Guide to keep your Mahindra SUV chill!

Summer is here, which means extreme heat, chilled drinks and a road trip in a chilled SUV. Ask any die-hard fan of impromptu trips, and they swear by this – driving your car along with your friends and family is a joy unmatched. You will have the urge to hit the road as soon as the situation calms down. You get a long weekend, or have those vacation days saved for a sunny day, and you should, because you deserve it!

With the heat turning up with each passing day, keeping your Mahindra SUV chill is crucial for those road trips you’ve been planning for a year. Here are a few handy tips that are sure to keep the heat far, far away from you and your beloved SUV:

  1. Keep all the fluids – oils, fuel, and coolant in check. Pay close attention to the engine oil & coolant levels. Keep them at the optimum levels to makes sure your Mahindra SUV doesn’t overheat, making your drive a sweaty affair. Keep yourself and your Mahindra SUV well-hydrated throughout the summer and say those long, hot days bye-bye!
  2. The summers brings with it the microwave oven effect – feeling suffocated in small, cramped-up spaces like cars. It is no wonder that the sun will be an unofficial member of your group. But, there are some simple measures that you can take to keep the sun away. Installing magnetic sunshades blocks a huge chunk of the sun rays, keeping the cabin chill.
  3. While you’re chilling in your SUV, how about taking it to the next level? What if we say you can have your favorite drinks inside, anytime? It is now easily doable, by adding a mini fridge to your back seat. The best part, it hardly takes up space, making it a compact yet a useful partner to keep things mellow!
  4. Keeping the cabin of the SUV on the inside is important, but keeping the same, outside is equally critical. It is advise to invest in a body cover, preferably in lighter shades. This helps in keeping the heat at bay and preventing any damage to the expensive paintwork and the decals. Keeping your Mahindra SUV parked with a body cover under some shade (tree, your parking lot, under a roof, garage) is necessary to avoid the unnecessary heat build-up in the first place. It is not always that you will find shade everywhere, but whenever you do, park it even if it is a minor inconvenience to you.
  5. While keeping the AC running keeps you chill, it takes a huge toll on your SUV’s battery, which gets overworked. The extreme heat under the hood, coupled with the scorching heat outside drains the battery sooner than you imagine. It is advisable that you replace it if it is an old battery.  Give your SUV a break after a long drive in a cool spot so that it does not overheat. Another simple way to keep the battery running is to clean it regularly with a rag to remove dirt.

Following these simple yet overlooked tips will make the summers a breeze for you, your Mahindra SUV and your summer plans!

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